Que Paso X Beast X S100

When we went in search of the “right” Beast daughter to breed to Que Paso I had an end product in mind.  I’m gonna be bluntly honest, we never imagined this.  He is as his picture shows- heavy boned, freaky necked, shallow ribbed with a massive rack and top.  Need  Hip?  Oh yea, his won’t fit through a garage door.  Now let’s talk repeatabiltiy, Hog Wild, three sisters you can build a program on and three wether brothers that won enough banners to sink a battleship…. He’s no one-off freak, this was a VERY consistent mating.  Being May born, he saw limited use last breeding season but the four does we got him bred to made some heart stoppers.  Use him on anything that needs more look, more muscle, more bone, more anything.  We will use him heavily here at ProStock.