Owned by: Crede Garriott
Date of Birth: April 3, 2011

Sire: Bean Buck

                  BDF P233
                  BDF S406
Dam: BDF 8028
                  Power Source
        BDF 6157
                  BDF R354  

We looked high & low for the “right” buck to bring in to use as an out-cross to our 900 doe base.  Swagger’s massive top shape, explosive fore-rib, enormous skeletal dimension and volumes of hard muscle should complement our does nicely.   Many thanks to Crede Garriott for allowing us the opportunity to use Swagger this season!  Look for us to promote his kids Spring 2013! Standing at ProStock for live cover and at Bosque Valley Reproduction Center for flushes.  Contact us for scheduling.

Flush Fee $1000  • Live Cover $600